Philos Moore Swamp Rapture

Philos Moore

Time is Heavy on Everything

Independent Release, 2013

Opening with “Not Too Level,” Philos Moore acknowledges his own shortcomings, with this mid tempo downbeat rocker about  being unsteady from the word go.Philos Moore

Philos Moore voice is that of a man who’s trying to push the feelings of loss and being slighted by life, into the corners of his mind, but not always succeeding. There’s a tired and grim resignation to his voice, he probably isn’t aware of. If you run into him on the street, and ask him how he’s doin’, he’ll tell you sincerely,” Just fine.”

And he’ll believe it when he says it.  But the man who sings, “ But wait, Just wait,” over and over is biding his time, hoping his luck will soon change. “Maybe, just maybe.”

The picking is pretty and deceptive throughout.  On “I’m Tryin’ To,” there’s a long, meandering, musical coda, where it feels as though he’s searching for direction; never arriving but further from where he began.

I’d like to see more from Philos Moore. This is a melancholy collection of songs for your next Sunday Morning Coming Down listening companion. And once he works himself past this stage of torment, and into another, he’ll be the person with the most to say.