The Insanitizers Tame the Wild Surf Guitars

The Insanitizers

Wild Surf Guitars

Independent Release, 2013

INSANITIZERS WSG-cover-art-mxSurf Rock, like so many genres, be it blues or punk, has sort of locked itself into some pretty tight confines to still meet the definitions of the style. And the Insanitizers do a fine job throughout this latest CD, Wild Surf Guitars, of delivering memorable and aggressive songs that are true to form.

Coming from Washington (state, that is), one can only assume these boys are wearing westuits when they hang ten and brave the riptides. “Googleyes,” and “Surf Wall Street,” both sound familiar yet crisp in their attack. But with “Dragonfly,” we hear a great buzzy guitar tone, and are privvy to some of the clever humor on display.

“Surfarian,” again displays quick wit with some clever back forth between the guitars and drums. “Skywriters,” is a laconic, unhurried number which is enjoyable to listen to the melody unspool its way through the speakers.

If this was a throwback sixties beach film, and this band was the movies heroes, it’d wrap up like this: “The Insanitizers win this heat and take the tournament! The Insanitizers are new Kings of Wild Surf Guitars!”Insanitzers band Photo (1)

Yeah; it’s like that.