King Shifter 26 Tons: Crushing Heavy Metal

King Shifter

26 Tons

Pavement Entertainment, 2013

Reviewed by William Telltale

A lot of times, when a band that is known for their heavy groove, and huge live sound gets signed, the first album is lacking something. kingshifterIts almost like you’d rather watch videos of said band than to buy their debut album because it is a letdown compared to the product they deliver on stage. For example, Godsmack’s debut album. Its good, but it isn’t an accurate gauge of the band’s true sound. Their SECOND album however, is.
This is NOT the case with Wichita Kansas’ own King Shifter. Their debut album ’26 Tons’ is just that. Its heavy, and will crush you. It is very well mixed, and the power is that of a live show. They love to party hard, and their lyrics and music reflect it. Song titles like ‘Dry Heave’ and ‘Downin Booze and Raisin’ Hell’ lead one to wonder what band would be left standing in the post show activities if the band were to tour with Pantera back in the day.
And that would be a good tour pairing for them. These guys would fit in with bands like Pantera, Sevendust, etc, but they do have a unique style. But, they have been doing a good job on their own, self promoting. In 3 years, they have branched out of Wichita, into Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and others all on their own dime. The cities never knew what hit them, but want more. Now that they have a record deal, they will be able to bring this kind of intensity to other parts of the country.
KingShifter is: ‘Sprout’ on lead vocals, ‘Kink’ on guitar, Derek Ludewick on bass, and David Steinbach on drums. There is not much more to say about their music because it speaks for itself. Its honest, and I’m sure you can expect as big of a monster onstage as you get on the album..Hell, probably bigger. And, that’s alot. The band is very talented, and have a style and intensity that has been missing for a kingshifter PromoImagewhile. Buy the album, and keep an eye for them in concert. Just be ready for a hangover the next day. This music will make you want to drink fast!
I give it 4 out of 5 stars for musicianship, production, and awesomeness. Now, I’m going to go buy a 12 pack of beer, and its only 11:00 in the morning.