The American Professionals Pop for a 24 Hour World

The American Professionals

We Make it Our Business

Charlie in the Box Music, 2013

From San Francisco comes The American Professionals, an act fronted by Chuck Lindo, (Guitar, and vocals,) along with Cheryl Hendrickson (Bass, vocals) and Alan White (drums and percussion,) who managed to write some songs with wry observations on modern life and living. AMPROSThese skillfully  constructed  songs have strong melodies and memorable harmonies.

Ampros rendition of Gillian Welch’s “The Way it Goes” is testimony to the strength of an amazing song. The tune is turned into a muted chord rock workout, driven with a sinister delivery and re-imagined as wholly new.

The songs here are a cross between rockers and down tempo numbers.  Other standout tracks include “Other  People,” Dr. Holly,” and “The Mist.” AmPros are the soundtrack for your busy, multi-tasking existence.