Float like a Buffalo – Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the Ride

Float like a Buffalo

Independent Release, 2016

From Denver comes Float Like a Buffalo, a genre blurring, good time sort band perfect for a summer festival or your float-like-a-buff-cvrnext backyard shindig. There’s funk, adorned with indie rock and Americana touches. And the band is aptly named. They can lay down solid earthy rock, or lighter, folkier numbers with equal ease.

Title track, “Enjoy the Ride” starts as a smooth shuffle and reminiscent of Colorado legends, Leftover Salmon. “This Moment” has some quirky lyrical imagery in the middle that’ll make you wonder if you really heard what you think you heard.

“Whiskey Dreams” has a great driven, stomping beat to push it deep into the recesses of your mind where earworms make themselves at home. The band plays it close to the vest, focusing on the substantial groove.

“Smile for the Camera” has an ass shaking groove topped with bright guitar leads. The song affords bassist Jason Clukies the chance to reveal some serious funk chops.

It’s hard not to like Float Like a Buffalo. They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, but seem to be having a really good time as they do it.