The Real Mckenzie’s Raucous Roadshow

The Real Mckenzie’s
W/Abandon The Midwest, 21 Days Remain, and Dial Drive

Thursday, March 9, Backbooth, Orlando, FL

Ruffians like these is why Hadrian built that wall in the first place. He knew he had no chance of civilizing or Real McKenzies (140) vgcolonizing those who would eventually be known as the Scottish, so he built a wall and declared victory.

Fast forward to now, the wall is still there, the Romans are gone, and the Scottish have spread their roots far and wide. Even now, they are still an ornery bunch. The Real McKenzies, from Vancouver, are no exception, but being Canadian, are inherently affable when they tell you to “Eff off!”

They pulled into Orlando promoting their great new disc Two Devils Will Talk, and gave the town a show to remember. The Real McKenzies have doing this for 25 years and have it down pat. Salty sea shanties, barn burning punk numbers, traditional ballads, and songs that blur the lines between it all were bandied out.

Founding member Paul McKenzie proved a gracious and entertaining host as he Real McKenzies (348) vgsteered the show through the bands formidable catalog. With the stamina younger men would envy, he proved to be one right funny bastard. With exceptional, warm earthy harmonies, TRM navigated a course between the sentimental songs and ’77 flavored punk blasphemy. The current line-up was whip-smart and light on it’s feet. This tour is just starting. TRM are coming through your town, and here’s NO GOOD REASON to miss them.

Local opening act Abandon the Midwest were punkishly memorable with fun songs about serial killers and going home alone. And anyone who so openly shows their contempt for Florida’s governor Skeletor, deserves to be noticed and commended.