Rest In Peace Allan Holdsworth (August 6, 1946 – April 16, 2017)

Rest In Peace Allan Holdsworth (August 6, 1946 – April 16, 2017)

Hello to my friends and colleagues in music. Along with Manifesto Records’ Dan Perloff, it’s been a pleasure to work Allan’s and his two new reissues: the box set:“The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever” which has all of Allan’s solo ALLAN H CVRalbums, and “Eidolon,” a 2 CD collection that Allan chose the songs for.

Between April 4 and April 10, Allan played 3 SOLD OUT shows in Southern California. He left us on a high chord!

A tech-savvy man of 71, he taught me to have fun with my cellphone, as he always requested that we text important notes to him. No email, just texting!  He got me using emojis like the British flag, pictures of snowmen, and broken hearts. Allan’s favorite was a smiley guy that gritted its teeth.

I will be making MP3s available for radio programmers, music supervisors, and other accredited journalists—please email me if you’re interested.

This note is a scrapbook of remembrances from friends of Allan’s. Chris Hoard’s two paragraph recollection will give biographical insight and personal remembrances.  I’m also including links to video, writing, and a podcast interview.  In the next few weeks there will be a variety of articles on Allan—interviews conducted by Bill Kopp for PROG magazine and Joe Lalaina for GUITAR WORLD.

One of the fans posted on his Facebook page, “I swear he made some chords up.”

Robben Ford dubbed Allan “the John Coltrane of the guitar.”

This instructional video, put out by Alfred Music in the 1980s, shows Allan explaining how he comes up with his chords:


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a number of industry people that have worked intently with Allan through the years:  Manifesto Records’ Dan Perloff, manager Leonardo Pavkovic, music writer/researcher/Allan friend Chris Hoard, guitar maker Jim Reiske, photographer Glen Laferman. Under their thoughts are links to some of my favorite interviews that Allan did in the past few months.