Dark Side of the Mule Shines Brightly

Dark Side of The Mule                                                Gov't Mule                                                                     … [Read more...]

No Tomorrow Boys – Bad Luck Baby Put The Jinx on Me

Bad Luck Baby Put The Jinx on Me No Tomorrow Boys Hound Gawd Records, 2014 This is an overlooked gem from my seriously cluttered In-box. But we … [Read more...]

Funeral Kab Quit Yelling Long Enough to Answer These Questions

Funeral Kab are Noisey, angry, from Texas and one of them agreed to speak with us about all the usual nonsense we always ask. Much like pornography, … [Read more...]

Jumpship Astronaut Explore ‘Humans’

Jumpship Astronaut Humans Independent Release, 2014 Jumpship Astronaut sound and feel like a perpetual motion machine who's become self aware … [Read more...]

Dr. John and The Spirit of Satch

Dr. John Ske-Dat-De-Dat: The Spirit of Satch Concord Records, 2014 Dr. John's tribute to Louis Armstrong is neither for traditionalists or Naw'lins … [Read more...]

The Lovesores Will Leave You Sore if You’re Lucky

Lovesores Focke-Wulf vs. Spitfire Hound Gawd! Records, 2014 Christmas came early, I some how overlooked it, and the cat apparently kicked this gift … [Read more...]

First Aid Kit Bring Gold To Orlando

First Aid Kit w/Samantha Crain The Beacham Theater, Orlando, FL November 4, 2014 From Oklahoma came opening act, Samantha Crain, back on tour with … [Read more...]

The Tiger Club – Brings Home A Perfect Party

The Tiger Club Mephisto Island Aeneid Recording Company, 2014 The Tiger Club have this record out, Mephisto Island, and you know it has to be … [Read more...]

The Electric Mess House on Fire is Better Than You Deserve

The Electric Mess House on Fire Sound Flat Records, 2014 Think of 1974 Lou Reed fronting The New York Dolls (plus a keyboard player)and they've all … [Read more...]

Funeral Kab are One Hell of a Ride

Funeral Kab Funeral Kab Independent Release, 2014 This feels in equal parts, Evil, wicked, mean and nasty. And I mean that in a good way. Punk, … [Read more...]