Rubikon’s Retro Riff Rock

Delta Rubikon Round Hill Records, 2015 Boston's a great town for music with a long pedigree of solid rock acts to call it home. Smart, cultured, … [Read more...]

What the Hell Is This/The Strangest Album I Own

Lambs Eat Ivy Lamby Cake Merkin Records, 1990 As I flipped through the stack of records at the church rummage sale, I found one that caught my … [Read more...]

Samantha Crain’s Kid Face Full of Surprises

Samantha Crain                                                                                          Kid Face                                       … [Read more...]

Catching Up with Dance Hall Pimps

Catching Up with Dance Hall Pimps Formed in the darkly, twisted primodial ooze better known as the Los Angeles underground cabaret scene in Two … [Read more...]

Dance Hall Pimps Unleash Beast For Love

Dance Hall Pimps Beast For Love Lakeshore Records One of the first things you’ll notice about the Dance Hall Pimps is the way they manage to make … [Read more...]