The Show Must Go, . . .Huh?

On the Road Again, Part IV Stuck Inside of Mobile by Chuck Lazaras The tour was almost over. We’d been out for two weeks and had played New Orleans … [Read more...]

TexasElectricChair Dirty-Nasty-Sleazy-Stoner-Metal Done Right

TexasElectricChair Independent Release, 2013 Alright, everybody is pissing and moaning about the damn weather right now and while I sit in the … [Read more...]

Maloi: Brilliant Punk Poets Bare Their Souls

Maloi Boys, You Gotta Slow Down Osk Records, 2012 This Ukrainian band gives up a high energy, hard charging, no bullshit, lighter than air, … [Read more...]

The time of Year for Dead Chicks and Draft Beer

Boney Fiend and Lazaras Dead Chicks and Draft Beer Split CD, 2012  The core members ofCocoa’s Lazaras and Tampa’s Boney Fiend have been playing … [Read more...]