Bri Ingram’s Chicago Soul

I Am Bri Ingram Independent Release, 2015 From Chicago comes Bri Ingram with a slick, well produced collection of songs that meld blues, pop, and … [Read more...]

Pound Of Flesh Load up on Pills

Pound of Flesh Pills WuLi Records, 2014 Pound of Flesh is helmed by vocalist, Darrell James who spent time with both Ministry and Revolting Cocks, … [Read more...]

Phantom Maggot The Best Band You Never Heard Of

Phantom Maggot Phaggot Independent release, 2013 There two ways you could look at this release of floor flavored bubblegum punk. First, “Oh Gawd! … [Read more...]

Razorhouse: The Wages of Sin Working Overtime

Razorhouse Codex Jun Heatshield Records, 2013 I'll tell you what this sounds like. This CD has all the manic, sweaty, overdone, guilt-strewn … [Read more...]