Hangman’s Chair – This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive

Hangman's Chair This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive Fear Satan Records, 2015 Melodic, sludgy doom on the quicker side of the whole doom thing with … [Read more...]

Grave Disgrace Give it Away

Triumphant & Militant Church Independent Release, 2013 St. Petersburg, Russia's Grave Disgrace can't seem to be bothered with neat, tidy … [Read more...]

Weed Priest is Some Epic Noise

Weed Priest Independent Release, 2013 Weed Priest is self titled the debut album of the Galway, Ireland, based Stoner, Doom metal with the same … [Read more...]

Damn the Gods: Monolithic Midwestern Metal

Damn the Gods Damn the Gods Independent Release, 2005 If I actually had some money to my name, I swear I'd pay for this. And whatever … [Read more...]

Ulver Serve Up Psychadelia Just Right

Ulver Childhood’s End K Scope, 2012 Norwegian metal band Ulver has managed to do several things with the now requisite album of covers. First … [Read more...]