Xposed 4Heads Nouveau Nostalgia

Xposed 4Heads Choose To Be Human ME Records/Internal Combustion, 2015 From Milwaukee comes the Xposed 4Heads, a band that's been doing their own … [Read more...]

Shelita Burke – Transfixed

Shelita Burke Transfixed Independent Release, 2015 Shelita Burke, who claims Seattle as a her hometown, set out to do some serious hoofing, found … [Read more...]

Grace Potter Stays up Late with Midnight

Grace Potter Midnight Hollywood Records, 2015 Grace Potter, best known for her Earthy, bluesy jam band leanings, has decided to put on some kicky … [Read more...]

SHips Have Sailed Plot a Course with Moodswings

Ships Have Sailed Moodswings Independent Release. 2015 Ships Have Sailed are a duo from Los Angeles with some electronica leanings. SHS Op for more … [Read more...]

Lakeway’s Soulful Heartbeat

Lakeway Heartbeat Independent Release, 2015 From Ukraine comes this exceptionally beautiful and elegantly understated electronica duo, Lakeway. … [Read more...]

Pink Floyd’s Final Farewell: The Endless River

Pink Floyd The Endless River Columbia Records, 2015 This latest and final release from the storied psychedelic band Pink Floyd is an mostly … [Read more...]

Pound Of Flesh Load up on Pills

Pound of Flesh Pills WuLi Records, 2014 Pound of Flesh is helmed by vocalist, Darrell James who spent time with both Ministry and Revolting Cocks, … [Read more...]

Ministry – Last Tangle in Paris an Epic Curtain call

Ministry Last Tangle in Paris Planet UDR Records, 2014 There's three discs here. Tres. Trois. One DVD documenting live and behind the scenes … [Read more...]

Resistor – First World Problems

Resistor First World Problems Independent Release , 2013 Self aware synth pop that often sounds and feels as though it came from the early 1980's … [Read more...]

Heidi Happy: On The Hills No Translation Needed

HEIDI HAPPY On The Hills ToneQuake, 2013  If this was 1968, the world at large would surely be introduced to Swiss songstress Heidi Happy via an … [Read more...]