Allan Holdsworth’s Epic Retrospective

Eidolon Allan Holdsworth Manifesto, 2017 Before Joe Satriani and Steve Vai there was Allan Holdsworth. Guitar heroes of the common variety may be … [Read more...]

The Bad Plus Return with It’s Hard

It's Hard The Bad Plus Sony Music Entertainment/OKeh Records, 2016 There are countless piano trios, and then there's The Bad Plus. Formed in … [Read more...]

Sinking Suns Sonic Blast

Death Songs Sinking Suns Independent Release, 2016 Primitive and moving with an animal instinct, the Sinking Suns skulk warily through familiar … [Read more...]

Xposed 4Heads Nouveau Nostalgia

Xposed 4Heads Choose To Be Human ME Records/Internal Combustion, 2015 From Milwaukee comes the Xposed 4Heads, a band that's been doing their own … [Read more...]

Hangman’s Chair – This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive

Hangman's Chair This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive Fear Satan Records, 2015 Melodic, sludgy doom on the quicker side of the whole doom thing with … [Read more...]

Parker Moore’s Rig Rundown

Parker Moore's Rig Rundown Parker Moore plays guitar for Oakland's excellent Catholic Radio. The band is currently promoting their two-part release, … [Read more...]

Catholic Radio – The Last Summer, Vol. 1

Catholic Radio The Last Summer, Vol. 1 Independent Release, 2015 There's restlessness to this collection of Catholic Radio songs which you may … [Read more...]

Piqued Jacks – Climb like Ivy Does

Piqued Jacks Climb like Ivy Does Independent Release, 2015 It's hard not to like Piqued Jacks. These songs are aggressive without being … [Read more...]

Living with Svin

Svin Svin PonyRec, 2015 This is the third release by Copenhagen's way out jazz-core outfit Svin, and they are flexing their muscles every chance … [Read more...]

Pink Floyd’s Final Farewell: The Endless River

Pink Floyd The Endless River Columbia Records, 2015 This latest and final release from the storied psychedelic band Pink Floyd is an mostly … [Read more...]