BANKRUPT Understand Your Deepest Desires

BANKRUPT Understand Your  Deepest Desires You learn something new every day. My favorite Hungarian punk band, Bankrupt, have this great video for … [Read more...]

Bankrupt Goodbye Blue Monday

Bankrupt Goodbye Blue Monday Independent release, 2013 There must be something great happening in Budapest, Hungary. This is the seventh release … [Read more...]

The Growlers – Lo-Fi Macabre Organ Surf Goth

The Growlers Hung at Heart Lo-Fi macabre organ fueled surf goth or just another day hanging with Costa Mesa, California’s The Growlers. There are … [Read more...]

Thee Mighty Fevers Burn Out of Control

Thee Mighty Fevers  Fuck’in Great R ‘n’ R  Dead Beat Records, 2013 I have no idea what the hell Thee Mighty Fevers are yelling about and could … [Read more...]

Boom Chick Show Pony

Boom Chick                                                                                          Show Pony This Brooklyn two piece serves up … [Read more...]

Howlin’ Wolf and the Blues

Howlin' Wolf and the Blues     by Nik Talbot One of the great things about vinyl is that it's timeless. One of my favorite LPs I have is … [Read more...]

Snake Handlers Beware

The Horrible Hound Dogs                                                                                                             The Snake Handler … [Read more...]