Sash The Bash SPEAKS!!!

Sash The Bash Speaks! Formerly of Birmingham, England, currently of Atlanta, G-A, Sash the Bash is a true practioner of Rock in it’s purest form, … [Read more...]

Scott Sugiuchi Gives the Skinny on Field Trip South 2

Scott Sugiuchi of Hidden Volume Records wears a lot of hats. Label Chief, musician in the Hall Monitors, and co-promoter of shows like the epic Field … [Read more...]

Carol B. Dishes on Field Trip South II

Carol Benanti is an Orlando resident and visionary. She along with longtime friend and partner in crime, Scott Suguchi organised a two day Garage rock … [Read more...]

Greece Has Turbo Charged Snails

The Snails The Snails Action Records There are memorable bands and then there are The Snails, who quite frankly, rule. The Snails are everything … [Read more...]