Sash The Bash SPEAKS!!!

Sash The Bash Speaks! Formerly of Birmingham, England, currently of Atlanta, G-A, Sash the Bash is a true practioner of Rock in it’s purest form, … [Read more...]

The Yeti Trio: These Monsters Speak For Themselves

Interview with The Yeti Trio: These Monsters Speak Interview w/M. Alberto Rivera  The Yeti Trio is self described as “frightening fusion improv” … [Read more...]

Melon and the Mayhem:Lights On

Melon and the Mayhem Lights On Independent Release, 2012 From out of Nashville come Melon and the Mayhem, a jazz ‘n soul trio that occasionally … [Read more...]

A Commitment to Dedication

A Commitment to Dedication Names and places have been changed for obvious reasons “So what are the cops like in this town?”“I’d slow down on the … [Read more...]