Robin Trower Wows the King Center

Robin Trower The King Center Friday. April 1, Melbourne, FL Robin Trower is by all accounts a legend. His seminal album, Bridge of Sighs, is … [Read more...]

Jesse W. Johnson Lets Out a Primal Scream

Primal Scream Jesse W. Johnson Independent Release, 2016 From Springfield, Illinois, comes Jesse w. Johnson, and his own tormented and agitated … [Read more...]

Agent Orange Rocks Out Melbourne

Agent Orange and Friends by Randy Rai On February 10th, 2016 The Boondocks Live hosted a slew of local talent, topped of with the legendary … [Read more...]

Experience Jimi Now! Freedom The Atlanta Pop Festival

Freedom The Atlanta Pop Festival Jimi Hendrix Experience Sony Legacy, 2015 Hendrix and the Experience live could be hit or miss. And most of this … [Read more...]

Dirty Fences are Low Down Dirty Fun

Full Tramp Dirty Fences Slovenly Recordings, 2015 It's like someone spiked the chocolate shakes with goofballs down at Pops Malt Shop, deep in the … [Read more...]

The GTV’S are Here TO Save Your EARS!!

The GTV's SH-Bang Teen Sound Records, 2014 The GTV's are low-down, sneaky, up to no damn good, and God love 'em for it. This disc o' wax is putting … [Read more...]

What, Really? I Can Name My Own Price For Something This Good?

What, Really? What, Really? EP Independent Release, 2013 From Bologna, Italy, comes this great band, accurately self-described as a power pop … [Read more...]

Kings of Leon Comeback Strong with Mechanical Bull

Kings of Leon Mechanical Bull RCA, 2013  Kings of Leon won a Grammy a few years back for a boring and completely unmemorable songs, “Use … [Read more...]

Scott H Biram Doubles Down On Liquor and God

Scott H Biram Nothin’ But Blood Bloodshot Records, 2014 Artists with a tendency to give equal lyrical weight to God, alcohol and murder as they … [Read more...]

Abatis Opens Doors in the Desert

Doors in the Desert Abatis Independent Release, 2013 For everyone tormented by silence, the time to rejoice is nigh, as Abatis has returned with … [Read more...]