Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers Restless Soul

Bass, Drums, Guitars, and Organs Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers Independent Release, 2017 From NYC comes Frank Migliorelli& The Dirt … [Read more...]

Rubikon’s Retro Riff Rock

Delta Rubikon Round Hill Records, 2015 Boston's a great town for music with a long pedigree of solid rock acts to call it home. Smart, cultured, … [Read more...]

Pound Of Flesh Load up on Pills

Pound of Flesh Pills WuLi Records, 2014 Pound of Flesh is helmed by vocalist, Darrell James who spent time with both Ministry and Revolting Cocks, … [Read more...]

SHEER TERROR Commit to Kaos

SHEER TERROR Kaos For Kristin Dead City Records, 2013 This is a limited edition 7” Vinyl Picture Disc & Digital Download which NYC hardcore … [Read more...]

El Toro! Night of El Toro!

El Toro! Night of El Toro! Independent Release, 2012 These Liverpudlians like their rock loud, sweaty, messy and drenched in reverb. The few … [Read more...]

Jeff Stanton’s Perfect “Circles”

Jeff Stanton Circles Independent Release, 2013 Space Coast musical mainstay Jeff Stanton has released his first solo CD and we get a front … [Read more...]

The PsuedoSurfers Give It Away

The PsuedoSurfers The PsuedoSurfers EP Independent Release, 2011 The PsuedoSurfers have Italian names and great haircuts but seem to be shy about … [Read more...]