Keep it Greasy is a Dirty Good Time

Keep it Greasy Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell Rise Above Records, 2016 Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell, the gritty rockin' band with the unweildy … [Read more...]

New Dio Box Set is Five Hours of Rainbows, Wizards and Kick Ass Metal

A Decade of Dio 1983 - 1993 Dio Rhino, 2016 For such a diminutive man, Ronnie James Dio had an out-sized voice and formidable presence. When he … [Read more...]

Dark Side of the Mule Shines Brightly

Dark Side of The Mule                                                Gov't Mule                                                                     … [Read more...]

Grave Disgrace Give it Away

Triumphant & Militant Church Independent Release, 2013 St. Petersburg, Russia's Grave Disgrace can't seem to be bothered with neat, tidy … [Read more...]

New Black Sabbath Looks Back With Anger

Black Sabbath 13 Vertigo Records, 2013 This is a much ballyhooed and greatly anticipated release. Originally touted as a reunion of the four … [Read more...]