Creepy Music for Creepy People

Spooky Fingers Genki Genki Panic Independent Release, 2016 Genki Genki Panic lurk creepily, like a creepy lurking thing. Their hauntingly, … [Read more...]

Mac Sabbath’s Super Sized Rock

Mac Sabbath w/American Party Machine Live at the Social Wednesday, March 9, Orlando FL There's two different types of tribute bands. The true to … [Read more...]

The Show Must Go, . . .Huh?

On the Road Again, Part IV Stuck Inside of Mobile by Chuck Lazaras The tour was almost over. We’d been out for two weeks and had played New Orleans … [Read more...]

Get in the Van Before it Breaks Down Again

On the Road Again, part 2 Get in the Van Before it Breaks Down Again by Chris M. We'd been trying to book a show in Athens GA for around 3 years … [Read more...]

It’s time to Genki Genki Panic

Genki Genki Panic Ghoulie High Harmony Independent Release, 2015 Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy the aesthetics of Halloween way more than … [Read more...]

Doyle Amazes with Abominator

Doyle Abominator Monsterman Records, 2013 Doyle, or more precisely, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, guitarist of Misfits fame, has released his … [Read more...]

Weed Priest is Some Epic Noise

Weed Priest Independent Release, 2013 Weed Priest is self titled the debut album of the Galway, Ireland, based Stoner, Doom metal with the same … [Read more...]

New Black Sabbath Looks Back With Anger

Black Sabbath 13 Vertigo Records, 2013 This is a much ballyhooed and greatly anticipated release. Originally touted as a reunion of the four … [Read more...]

White Blacula do the Pyramid Twist

White Blacula Pyramid Twist Independent Release, 2013 This is a name your price release, and you have not one stinking excuse to do your best to … [Read more...]

The Misfits DEA.D.ALIVE

The Misfits DEA.D.ALIVE Everything Evil/Hundred Handed Inc., 2013 This is the first authorized live Misfits recording since the 1980’s, and it … [Read more...]