Howard Simon Bares his Soul on Visitors

Visitors Howard Simon Independent Release, 2017 Reviewed by Cathal Croft Howard Simon has put together a collection of carefully crafted, and well … [Read more...]

Race to Neptune Stunning Debut

Oh Contraire Race to Neptune Independent Release, 2017 From Fort Collins, Colorado comes Race to Neptune. They shape layers of post punk with hints … [Read more...]

Jason Andrew Brown’s View of Americana

Jason Andrew Brown Jason Andrew Brown Independent Release, 2017 There's something about the midwest that helps to develop compelling songwriters. … [Read more...]

Mark Reitanga has a Story to Tell

Unsung Mark Reitanga Independent Release, 2016 From Detroit, a town whose musical affiliations immediately call mind soulful Motown over the … [Read more...]

Mayve’s Brand New Retro

Motion Mayve Independent Release, 2016 What's old is new again, and that on it's own can be fun. Long Island's Mayve are making their way down a … [Read more...]

Satellite Gods Deliver Out of this World Music

Marker 7-58 Satellite Gods Independent Release, 2016 This album is full of surprises. Starting with “Falling to Earth,” it initially feels like a … [Read more...]

Bruce Mountain Band Crank Out The Jams

Another Day Lost Bruce Mountain Band Independent Release, 2016 From Riverside California comes Bruce Mountain Band, and they are an bare-knuckle … [Read more...]

Ray Goren Plays the Blues for You

Songs For You Ray Goren Independent Release, 2016 There's a timeless quality to the blues when it's done right. Ray Goren, a young guitar … [Read more...]

Athena is Ready For the Sun

Ready For the Sun, Pt.1 Athena Independent Release, 2016 Athena found herself in Los Angeles working on this project with producer Ethan Allen … [Read more...]

Jesse W. Johnson Lets Out a Primal Scream

Primal Scream Jesse W. Johnson Independent Release, 2016 From Springfield, Illinois, comes Jesse w. Johnson, and his own tormented and agitated … [Read more...]