Natalise and the Sunset Run Offer us Glimpses of the Sun

Glimpses of the Sun Natalise and the Sunset Run Independent Release, 2017 From California comes the subdued pop of classically trained pianist, … [Read more...]

Jason Andrew Brown’s View of Americana

Jason Andrew Brown Jason Andrew Brown Independent Release, 2017 There's something about the midwest that helps to develop compelling songwriters. … [Read more...]

Satellite Gods Deliver Out of this World Music

Marker 7-58 Satellite Gods Independent Release, 2016 This album is full of surprises. Starting with “Falling to Earth,” it initially feels like a … [Read more...]

Scott Smith’s Americana Road Trip

Down to Memphis Scott Smith Independent Release, 2016 Reviewed by Cathal Cart Scott Smith dives deep into his Americana roots rock and pays … [Read more...]

Keep it Greasy is a Dirty Good Time

Keep it Greasy Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell Rise Above Records, 2016 Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell, the gritty rockin' band with the unweildy … [Read more...]

The Pixies Return with Head Carrier

Head Carrier The Pixies 4AD, 2016 Head Carrier is the seventh and most recent album by the Pixies and it sounds a lot like The … [Read more...]

Peach Kelli Pop are Sweet and Lo-Fi

Halloween Mask 7” Peach Kelli Pop Burger Records, 2016 Lo-fi, DIY and hard to resist, Peach Kelli Pop are coarse on the edges and achingly sugar … [Read more...]

Butch Trucks and The Freight Train Band Pull Into Melbourne

Butch Trucks and the Freight Train Band w/The Ries Brothers The King Center Thursday, April 24, Melbourne, FL The difference four months can make … [Read more...]

Fighting the Silence Speak Up!

An Interview with Fighting the Silence by Randy Raie On February 27th, 2016 Fighting the Silence hosted a show at local beachside spot Monkey Bar … [Read more...]

Sarah McLachlan – The Classic Christmas Album

Sarah McLachlan The Classic Christmas Album Sony, 2015 This was originally titled Wintersong. What else happens in Canada besides cold weather and … [Read more...]