Creepy Music for Creepy People

Spooky Fingers Genki Genki Panic Independent Release, 2016 Genki Genki Panic lurk creepily, like a creepy lurking thing. Their hauntingly, … [Read more...]

Parker Moore’s Rig Rundown

Parker Moore's Rig Rundown Parker Moore plays guitar for Oakland's excellent Catholic Radio. The band is currently promoting their two-part release, … [Read more...]

Get in the Van Before it Breaks Down Again

On the Road Again, part 2 Get in the Van Before it Breaks Down Again by Chris M. We'd been trying to book a show in Athens GA for around 3 years … [Read more...]

It’s time to Genki Genki Panic

Genki Genki Panic Ghoulie High Harmony Independent Release, 2015 Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy the aesthetics of Halloween way more than … [Read more...]

Catholic Radio – The Last Summer, Vol. 1

Catholic Radio The Last Summer, Vol. 1 Independent Release, 2015 There's restlessness to this collection of Catholic Radio songs which you may … [Read more...]

The Insanitizers Tame the Wild Surf Guitars

The Insanitizers Wild Surf Guitars Independent Release, 2013 Surf Rock, like so many genres, be it blues or punk, has sort of locked itself … [Read more...]

Double Naught Spy Car: Words Aren’t Enough

Double Naught Spy Car Western Violence Eleven Foot Pole Record Company, 2012 Double Naught Spy Car are an all instrumental band from Los Angeles … [Read more...]

Catholic Radio Full of Surprises

Catholic Radio Catholic Radios eponymous and independently released debut CD is full of surprises. 1st off, they have no affiliation with Rome, the … [Read more...]