Soles of Passion Plan Their Escape

Escape From Jurisdiction B Soles of Passion Independent Release,2016 by Cathal Cart With a synth driven throwback sound and the the sort of … [Read more...]

Sweet Sounds of The Peach Kings

The Peach Kings W/ Deaf Poets, Captains of April, and Run Raquel Wills Pub, Orlando, FL Wednesday, January 27, 2016 O-k, I'm gonna make this … [Read more...]

SHips Have Sailed Plot a Course with Moodswings

Ships Have Sailed Moodswings Independent Release. 2015 Ships Have Sailed are a duo from Los Angeles with some electronica leanings. SHS Op for more … [Read more...]

The Peach Kings Unleash Swampy Soul on Mojo Thunder

The Peach Kings Mojo Thunder Independent Release, 2014 The five songs here are sultry, swaying numbers covered in a thin sheen of humidity induced … [Read more...]

Catching Up with Little Lonely

Little Lonely makes Time for Company A Chat with Little Lonely’s Julie Cain interview with M. Alberto Rivera Julie Cain is the singer/songwriter … [Read more...]

Gundriver Delivers

Gundriver Gundriver Gundriver Records, 2013 There's something re-assuring about this release. It sounds like it could've been released in … [Read more...]

Doyle Amazes with Abominator

Doyle Abominator Monsterman Records, 2013 Doyle, or more precisely, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, guitarist of Misfits fame, has released his … [Read more...]

Little Lonely’s Lovely Melodies

Little Lonely Red Dress Records, 2013 Julie Cain is the singer/songwriter behind Little Lonely and while there's a country feel here, she's … [Read more...]

The Misfits DEA.D.ALIVE

The Misfits DEA.D.ALIVE Everything Evil/Hundred Handed Inc., 2013 This is the first authorized live Misfits recording since the 1980’s, and it … [Read more...]

Double Naught Spy Car: Words Aren’t Enough

Double Naught Spy Car Western Violence Eleven Foot Pole Record Company, 2012 Double Naught Spy Car are an all instrumental band from Los Angeles … [Read more...]