Blue Honey are Organic Audio Delight

Blue Honey Independent release, 2017 Two songs here. Sort of refreshing. Like a classic double AA sided single. I don't suspect many people know … [Read more...]

Th’ Legendary Shackshakers Come Unhinged

Th' Legendary Shackshakers Will's Pub, Orlando, Fl Friday, February 5, 2016 Th' Legendary Shackshakers may have been asking for grief when they … [Read more...]

No guitars? No problem!

On the Road Again, Part V No guitars? No problem! By Gregg Troyan Lipstick is band that has gone through numerous lineup changes in our short time … [Read more...]

This LIPSTICK Won’t Smudge!

This LIPSTICK Won't Smudge! An interview with Lipstick's Greg Troyan From deep in the heart of Country comes a retro blast of feedback and Aqua Net … [Read more...]

FABLE CRY’s Zach Ferrin Gets Down to Brass Tacks!

Zach Ferrin Get's Down to Brass Tacks interview w/M.A. Rivera Zach Ferrin sings, sneers and proudly postures as the frontman for Nashville's Fable … [Read more...]

Fable Cry Deliver Dark Drama

Fable Cry We'll Show You Where the Monsters Are Independent Release, 2015 What happens when you've read through every Harry Potter novel and you … [Read more...]

Natural Child Own the Night

Natural Child W/ Faux Ferocious, Golden Pelicans, & Foul Shot May 12 @ Will's Pub, Orlando, Florida Nashville, Tennessee’s Natural Child are … [Read more...]

Melon and the Mayhem:Lights On

Melon and the Mayhem Lights On Independent Release, 2012 From out of Nashville come Melon and the Mayhem, a jazz ‘n soul trio that occasionally … [Read more...]

A Commitment to Dedication

A Commitment to Dedication Names and places have been changed for obvious reasons “So what are the cops like in this town?”“I’d slow down on the … [Read more...]

Natural Child For the Love of the Game

Natural Child For the Love of the Game BURGER RECORDS, 2012 Everything I hear on this release screams 1970’s AM radio, circa 1974 to be precise. I … [Read more...]