Born Loose are Here to Destroy Your Hi-Fi

Born Loose Blowout! Hound Gawd Records, 2015 Brooklyn's Born Loose sound like they wrote and recorded this full length in a deranged and glorious … [Read more...]

American Pinup Worth Checking Out

The Radio EP American Pinup Altercation Records, 2015 American Pinup self-identify as a pop-punk band and all that does is sell them short. With … [Read more...]

SHEER TERROR Commit to Kaos

SHEER TERROR Kaos For Kristin Dead City Records, 2013 This is a limited edition 7” Vinyl Picture Disc & Digital Download which NYC hardcore … [Read more...]

Sam Davison: Bass & Tambourine Confessional Poetry for Everyman

Sam Davison Always Around Independent Release, 2013 I’m gonna be a little more honest than usual. Because this is a little more stranger-er than … [Read more...]

Doyle Amazes with Abominator

Doyle Abominator Monsterman Records, 2013 Doyle, or more precisely, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, guitarist of Misfits fame, has released his … [Read more...]

Forever in Motion Sunrise

Forever in Motion Sunrise Forest Park Recordings, 2012   Brendon Thomas is the man responsible for the act, Forever in Motion, and the album, … [Read more...]

The Misfits DEA.D.ALIVE

The Misfits DEA.D.ALIVE Everything Evil/Hundred Handed Inc., 2013 This is the first authorized live Misfits recording since the 1980’s, and it … [Read more...]