Rugby Road Return With a Great EP

Ruby Road III Rugby Road WYD? Records, 2017 Rugby Road are a Philly trio that have been at it a really long time, and play as though they are in … [Read more...]

The GTV’S are Here TO Save Your EARS!!

The GTV's SH-Bang Teen Sound Records, 2014 The GTV's are low-down, sneaky, up to no damn good, and God love 'em for it. This disc o' wax is putting … [Read more...]

Sestric: Something About The Snake

Sestric Album: Something About The Snake   by William TellTale Raw, Stripped down, Refreshing...These are several words that could be … [Read more...]

Kevlar: Not just for protection anymore!

Kevlar: Not just for protection anymore! by William TellTale Nope. Its also an all out assault on the senses by a band in Pennsylvania. They are … [Read more...]