The Lovesores Will Leave You Sore if You’re Lucky

Lovesores Focke-Wulf vs. Spitfire Hound Gawd! Records, 2014 Christmas came early, I some how overlooked it, and the cat apparently kicked this gift … [Read more...]

BANKRUPT Understand Your Deepest Desires

BANKRUPT Understand Your  Deepest Desires You learn something new every day. My favorite Hungarian punk band, Bankrupt, have this great video for … [Read more...]

Bankrupt Goodbye Blue Monday

Bankrupt Goodbye Blue Monday Independent release, 2013 There must be something great happening in Budapest, Hungary. This is the seventh release … [Read more...]

Bel Argosy: The Wreck of The Bel Argosy

The Wreck of The Bel Argosy Bel Argosy Limited Edition 7” Vinyl Independent Release, 2012 New York’s Bel Argosy has this 7” they pressed precious … [Read more...]

Caffiends Boris Dogovitch the Pick Me-Up You Need

Caffiends Boris Dogovitch Swamp Cabbage Records, 2012 Florida's Caffiends sound like the best band on otherwise shit bill on a Saturday night, in a … [Read more...]

Lights Out Lemmings are Truly Lame

Lights Out Lemmings are Truly Lame I saw a link for a band on Facebook which seemed promising and this is what I found. Clearwater, Florida’s … [Read more...]

The Areolas: The Tip of a Great Thing

The … [Read more...]

Bankrupt won’t Break your Wallet With New Free EP

Bankrupt                                                                                                                               … [Read more...]

Doll Parts

The Doll Parts are an all female punk band from St. Pete, F-l-a, with perfect buzzsaw guitars and hooky melodies. It would be contrived to quickly … [Read more...]