Daphne Willis Serenades Freaks Like Me

Freaks Like Me Daphne Willis Independent Release, 2017 Daphne Willis has created a substantive slice of soul flavored pop with her most recent … [Read more...]

Natalise and the Sunset Run Offer us Glimpses of the Sun

Glimpses of the Sun Natalise and the Sunset Run Independent Release, 2017 From California comes the subdued pop of classically trained pianist, … [Read more...]

The Bad Plus Return with It’s Hard

It's Hard The Bad Plus Sony Music Entertainment/OKeh Records, 2016 There are countless piano trios, and then there's The Bad Plus. Formed in … [Read more...]

Bri Ingram’s Chicago Soul

I Am Bri Ingram Independent Release, 2015 From Chicago comes Bri Ingram with a slick, well produced collection of songs that meld blues, pop, and … [Read more...]

Dengue Fever Soar High with The Deepest Lake

Dengue Fever The Deepest Lake Tuk-Tuk, 2015 The part of me annoyed with how long it takes Dengue Fever to release a new collection of music is … [Read more...]

What, Really? I Can Name My Own Price For Something This Good?

What, Really? What, Really? EP Independent Release, 2013 From Bologna, Italy, comes this great band, accurately self-described as a power pop … [Read more...]

BANKRUPT Understand Your Deepest Desires

BANKRUPT Understand Your  Deepest Desires You learn something new every day. My favorite Hungarian punk band, Bankrupt, have this great video for … [Read more...]

Phantom Maggot The Best Band You Never Heard Of

Phantom Maggot Phaggot Independent release, 2013 There two ways you could look at this release of floor flavored bubblegum punk. First, “Oh Gawd! … [Read more...]

Bankrupt Goodbye Blue Monday

Bankrupt Goodbye Blue Monday Independent release, 2013 There must be something great happening in Budapest, Hungary. This is the seventh release … [Read more...]

Nervous Twitch This Modern World

This Modern World EP Nervous Twitch Plastic Pop Records, 2013 This Modern World EP is the musical equivalent of taking your best friends … [Read more...]