Satellite Gods Deliver Out of this World Music

Marker 7-58 Satellite Gods Independent Release, 2016 This album is full of surprises. Starting with “Falling to Earth,” it initially feels like a … [Read more...]

Bring your Dancin’ Shoes for Coral Creek

Coral Creek Coral Creek Independent Release, 2016 Jam bands can be a self absorbed and indulgent bunch. Endlessly churning away at progressions for … [Read more...]

Six String Soldier Answers the Call of Duty

Six String Soldier Joey Stuckey Senate Records, 2016 White boys playin' the blues can be a well trod, cliché filled, music genre. Blind blues … [Read more...]

Bash And Pop’s Brilliant Sophomore Release

Anything Can Happen Bash & Pop Fat Possum, 2017 Bash & Pop was Tommy Stinson's post Replacements project from 1991. They released one … [Read more...]

Sinking Suns Sonic Blast

Death Songs Sinking Suns Independent Release, 2016 Primitive and moving with an animal instinct, the Sinking Suns skulk warily through familiar … [Read more...]

Brothers in Farms the Best Album You’ll Hear This Month

Brothers in Farms Steve 'N' Seagulls Spinefarm Records, 2016 Sometimes a joke can get out of hand and take on a life of it's own. Revolutions, 3 am … [Read more...]

Bang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello

Bang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello Cheap Trick Big Machine, 2016 Cheap Trick are still at it and that's somewhat re-assuring. In a world where technology … [Read more...]

Geezër’s Back! Early Bird is the Word!

Geezër Volume 2 Independent Release, 2016 Quick on the heels of their solid debut, Geezër have released a strong follow up. Volume 2, gets to the … [Read more...]

New Dio Box Set is Five Hours of Rainbows, Wizards and Kick Ass Metal

A Decade of Dio 1983 - 1993 Dio Rhino, 2016 For such a diminutive man, Ronnie James Dio had an out-sized voice and formidable presence. When he … [Read more...]

Celtic Thunder Returns

Legacy Volume Two Celtic Thunder Legacy Recordings, 2016 Celtic Thunder is back with another great CD/DVD combo document, less than a year after … [Read more...]