The Ood are Itching for a Fight

The Own You EP The Ood Independent Release, 2017 From Tampa come The Ood, a five piece who specialize in coarse, unburnished 70's throwback rock. … [Read more...]

The Flux Machine are Louder!

The Flux Machine Louder! Independent Release, 2015 The Flux Machine are a rough on the edges duo from NYC. Theirs is a three chord mindset … [Read more...]

Rubikon’s Retro Riff Rock

Delta Rubikon Round Hill Records, 2015 Boston's a great town for music with a long pedigree of solid rock acts to call it home. Smart, cultured, … [Read more...]

Heart of the Whale’s Dark Torment

Heart of the Whale Heart of the Whale Independent Release, 2015 From San Francisco comes Heart of the Whale with this eponymous release. Dark and … [Read more...]

Natural Child Own the Night

Natural Child W/ Faux Ferocious, Golden Pelicans, & Foul Shot May 12 @ Will's Pub, Orlando, Florida Nashville, Tennessee’s Natural Child are … [Read more...]

Uli Jon Roth’s Scorpions Revisited is Positively Epic

Uli Jon Roth Scorpions Revisited UDR music, 2015 If all you know of The Scorpions is their 1980's radio and MTV hits, you're going to need to sit a … [Read more...]

The Electric Mess House on Fire is Better Than You Deserve

The Electric Mess House on Fire Sound Flat Records, 2014 Think of 1974 Lou Reed fronting The New York Dolls (plus a keyboard player)and they've all … [Read more...]

BANKRUPT Understand Your Deepest Desires

BANKRUPT Understand Your  Deepest Desires You learn something new every day. My favorite Hungarian punk band, Bankrupt, have this great video for … [Read more...]

Brutal Death Fuck: Not Just Another Pretty Face

Brutal Death Fuck The Devil’s Whiskey Independent Release, 2013 I like this way more than I thought I would. The name alone would make you … [Read more...]

Black Doctor Jr. Provides Affordable Health Care Rock

Black Doctor Jr. A Switch Behind the Poster​?​(​Let's Push it​!​) Name your own Price This is a post punk sort of song by the curiously named … [Read more...]