Howard Simon Bares his Soul on Visitors

Visitors Howard Simon Independent Release, 2017 Reviewed by Cathal Croft Howard Simon has put together a collection of carefully crafted, and well … [Read more...]

Dead Kennedy’s and Reagan Youth Play Port Canaveral

Dead Kennedy's W/Reagan Youth and Room Full of Strangers January 24, Milliken's Reef, Port Canaveral, FL Like I have to tell small children and … [Read more...]

Sweet Sounds from When the Earth Was Still Flat

When the Earth Was Still Flat Brother Spellbinder Independent Release, 2016 Acoustic and arty, San Francisco's Alzara and Brother Spellbinder are a … [Read more...]

Heart of the Whale’s Dark Torment

Heart of the Whale Heart of the Whale Independent Release, 2015 From San Francisco comes Heart of the Whale with this eponymous release. Dark and … [Read more...]

Abatis Opens Doors in the Desert

Doors in the Desert Abatis Independent Release, 2013 For everyone tormented by silence, the time to rejoice is nigh, as Abatis has returned with … [Read more...]

Abatis MAKE the Noise

Abatis Now You’re Paying For Sleep Independent release, 2012 On this EP, by San Fran’s incomparable Abatis, they delve further into the tension … [Read more...]

Train:Long Live Office Rock!

Train California 37 Columbia, 2012  Train wheedled themselves onto the radio 12 years ago with “Dops Of Jupiter,” and to their credit they’ve … [Read more...]

Mute Mornings Lullaby Will leave You Wanting Moore

Mute Mornings Lullaby This collection of songs is as hypnotic and comforting as watching a light, near constant rain on a day that can’t make up … [Read more...]