The Pixies Return with Head Carrier

Head Carrier The Pixies 4AD, 2016 Head Carrier is the seventh and most recent album by the Pixies and it sounds a lot like The … [Read more...]

Creepy Music for Creepy People

Spooky Fingers Genki Genki Panic Independent Release, 2016 Genki Genki Panic lurk creepily, like a creepy lurking thing. Their hauntingly, … [Read more...]

Southern Culture on the Skids – Stick to Your ribs Rock n’ Roll

Southern Culture on the Skids w/The Woolly Bushmen Live at The Social Friday, March 4, Orlando, FL Here's the thing. After you've seen … [Read more...]

Greece Has Turbo Charged Snails

The Snails The Snails Action Records There are memorable bands and then there are The Snails, who quite frankly, rule. The Snails are everything … [Read more...]

Get in the Van Before it Breaks Down Again

On the Road Again, part 2 Get in the Van Before it Breaks Down Again by Chris M. We'd been trying to book a show in Athens GA for around 3 years … [Read more...]

The Woolly Bushmen Do What They Do Better’n You

Sky-Bosses The Woolly Bushmen Chesterwick Records, 2015 There's a cheeky playfulness running through the pulse of The Woolly Bushmen. Starting with … [Read more...]

It’s time to Genki Genki Panic

Genki Genki Panic Ghoulie High Harmony Independent Release, 2015 Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy the aesthetics of Halloween way more than … [Read more...]

The Fleshtones Tear a Hole in the Cosmic Fabric

The Fleshtones w/The Woolly Bushmen, and The Empyres May 3, @ Will's Pub, Orlando, Florida  Look here, Pilgrim, I wasn't real clear on what I was … [Read more...]

Southern Culture is Good For What Ails Ya!

Southern Culture on the Skids w/The Woolly Bushmen March 6, Will's Pub Orlando, FL “Dave Hartman broke a snare head! That ain't happened since the … [Read more...]

Dengue Fever Soar High with The Deepest Lake

Dengue Fever The Deepest Lake Tuk-Tuk, 2015 The part of me annoyed with how long it takes Dengue Fever to release a new collection of music is … [Read more...]