Jump Ramp Kickflips with new EP

Jump Ramp – The EP Jump Ramp Independent Release, 2017 This is what a speed bag being worked over by an experienced fighter feels like. Jump Ramp … [Read more...]

Suicidal Tendencies Still Cyco with World Gone Mad

World Gone Mad Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Records, 2016 Suicidal Tendencies have seen it all. They were skate punks before the term existed. They … [Read more...]

Anthrax: 30 Years of Spreading the Disease

Anthrax Spreading the Disease Universal Music, 2015 In 1985, Anthrax released Spreading the Disease, establishing themselves as a truly distinctive … [Read more...]

Exodus – Blood In, Blood Out

Exodus Blood In, Blood Out Nuclear Blast, 2014 Exodus is one of those bands who never truly got their due or were fully appreciated. For a lot of … [Read more...]

Anthrax – Chile on Hell

Anthrax Chile on Hell Megaforce, 2014 Representing NYC, Anthrax is the sole East Coast band amongst the Big Four thrash acts. Joey Belladonna, the … [Read more...]

Mobile Deathcamp Kills it Live

Mobile Deathcamp Kills it Live The 321 Local,Cocoa,Florida February 08, 2012 Before a small but enthusiastic crowd,Toledo,Ohio’s Mobile … [Read more...]