Catholic Radio – The Last Summer, Vol. 1

Catholic Radio

The Last Summer, Vol. 1

Independent Release, 2015

There’s restlessness to this collection of Catholic Radio songs which you may not hear on first listening. The songs forgo big repetitive riffing for introspective and immersive experiences at their center. Sure, you can’t escape echoes of Neil Young as a starting point, but from there the songs scatter and drift like shifting sands across a desert Catholic radio cover highway.

“May Be Blind” chugs along purposefully before turning inward, folding, and putting itself back together. “Mystery Love” wails mournfully, pulling at confines, much more hurt than longing than it wants to let on. As Parker Moore observes, “Hesitation is a dangerous form of flattery.”

“Breaking Out” feels like the final stretch of a long, arduous journey. When all that’s left is exhaustion and muscle memory to get you through the motions of getting home.

Catholic Radio have surrendered themselves to more subtle frustrations. These aren’t large declarative statements of cock-sure young men. These are more personal matters which need to be attended to with care, so as to not make the sort of foolhardy moves boys make. “It’s a shame there’s a cost for knowing/ you sold it for nothing.” These are men coming to grips with all it means to really wear the mantle of maturity.