Jim White Vs. The Packway Handle Band are Aching to Be Heard

Jim White Vs. The Packway Handle Band The Sawyer Sessions EP Yep Roc, 2014 Listening to Jim White feels like being in on a well kept secret. And it … [Read more...]

What, Really? I Can Name My Own Price For Something This Good?

What, Really? What, Really? EP Independent Release, 2013 From Bologna, Italy, comes this great band, accurately self-described as a power pop … [Read more...]

TexasElectricChair Dirty-Nasty-Sleazy-Stoner-Metal Done Right

TexasElectricChair Independent Release, 2013 Alright, everybody is pissing and moaning about the damn weather right now and while I sit in the … [Read more...]

Ahab’s Ghost – Scavengers

Ahab's Ghost Scavengers EP Independent Release  by William Telltale Raw. Grinding. Shredding. Just 3 words that come to mind while … [Read more...]

Black Doctor Jr. Provides Affordable Health Care Rock

Black Doctor Jr. A Switch Behind the Poster​?​(​Let's Push it​!​) Name your own Price This is a post punk sort of song by the curiously named … [Read more...]

Lou Reed’s Dead and There’s Good Times To Be Had

Lou Reed’s Dead and There’s Good Times To Be Had OuterNational Give You Something To Listen To, While You Wait I’ve purposely not eulogized St. Lou … [Read more...]

Phantom Maggot The Best Band You Never Heard Of

Phantom Maggot Phaggot Independent release, 2013 There two ways you could look at this release of floor flavored bubblegum punk. First, “Oh Gawd! … [Read more...]

Keep Cool with The Eskimoans

The Eskimoans The Eskimoans Route 8 Records This West Coast Florida label delivers once again with a brilliant punk release by several Inuits who … [Read more...]

Sam Davison: Bass & Tambourine Confessional Poetry for Everyman

Sam Davison Always Around Independent Release, 2013 I’m gonna be a little more honest than usual. Because this is a little more stranger-er than … [Read more...]

El Toro! Night of El Toro!

El Toro! Night of El Toro! Independent Release, 2012 These Liverpudlians like their rock loud, sweaty, messy and drenched in reverb. The few … [Read more...]