Ahab’s Ghost – Scavengers

Ahab’s Ghost

Scavengers EP

Independent Release

 by William Telltale

Raw. Grinding. Shredding. Just 3 words that come to mind while listening to the Milwaukee power trio, Ahab’s Ghost’s 3 song EP, called Scavengers. Licks that will take you back to Paul Dianno/early Dickinson Iron Maiden, and even a touch of vintage Rush. Ahab's Ghost
The first song, An Unkindness of Ravens is alot of instrumental power. The vocals of Singer/Bassist, Joe Wilden have the influence of Black Sabbath era Ozzy.
The second song, A Murder of Crows starts off with a blistering guitar lead from Jake Hess, plus the other ability of Wilden. Some pretty flashy bass guitar/guitar leads throughout. Drummer, Sam Wallman is throwing leads of his own, especially during the slow part of the song, which builds up with guitar solo magic.
The last song, A Wake of Vultures is another trip into Black Sabbath influence. The term ‘Acid Rock’ comes to mind. Maybe even a heavier version of very early Pink Floyd. The song is a slow moving yet heavy driving (is that possible?) assault on the senses. I could easily see this song on the soundtrack of a 70’s psychedelic movie.
This band is very talented, and for these self produced albums to have the raw sound that they have (meaning they sound good, but not cheap.) is impressive. In their bio on their Facebook page, they say they are working on a full length studio album. I will definitely be keeping my ear out for that release. In the meantime, I’m going to send them some money for this, and their first album called ‘After The Fall’ which is also for sale on their Facebook page. You should too.