About Us: Indie Music.CO aims to be more than another site for news, reviews, profiles and interviews. Indie music aims to become The musicians resource site. With links for booking tours, local studios, printers, music stores, as well as venues and promoters friendly to independent artists, this will be your one stop for all your music related needs.

Musicians:If you have a new release, new tour, new pair shoes you feel compelled to share with the masses, please contact us with this latest greatest earthshaking news. We always need new material to review, and artists to profile and/or interview. This could be you! imdaeditor@gmail.com

Our Music Review Policy

Our Review Policy is simple: send it and we will be happy to give it a listen.

On any given day there are 20 – 50 releases already in cue for our reviews. We have a small staff. If you would like to have your latest release be a priority, there is a one- time fee of $30.00 (USD).

Once payment is received via Paypal, or well hid cash sent in the care of a carrier pigeon,  a review will post within 7 – 14 days.

Also, and THIS IS IMPORTANT,  these reviews will be posted again, on other 2-4 websites, or publications, in the months following the initial publishing date.  I contribute to several other websites and this material gets recycled.

Be sure you let us know on what formats your music is available, CD, download, cassette, record, 8 track, as well as where people can purchase it.

Feel free to get in touch with us with any questions or concerns.

PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: Do not send photos less than 1mb. 1-2 mb resolution is preferred. With press releases we will need pictures of you, your release, your mug shot, and acquittal.

Contributing Writers: If you want to start publishing and building your portfolio; or if you just want to bring some attention to your girlfriends brothers band instead of actually paying him back the $20 you owe him, then that’s fine too. Submit a link to previously published work, or submit 100-300 word profile or review in the body of an email to the editor for consideration.   

Contributing MusiciansOne of the features we’ll soon be doing is a section called “Who Do You Love?” and “Under The influence” where we give, you, the musicians a chance to talk about a song, band, CD, live performance, whatever, that deeply affected them. If you’re not comfortable with the written word, it can even be a video submission.

About the Editor: M. Alberto Rivera has attended over 1,000 shows. He is in the possession of an absurd musical collection dating back 1923. He has performed close to 1,000 shows or so, in a variety of styles from punk and pop, to jam bands and contemporary christian, as well as some others not easily defined. So if you think he’s naive or uninformed when it comes to his musical opinions, you’re probably right. And he wants you to go ahead and tell him he has no idea what he’s talking about. imdaeditor@gmail.com

Also,we like buttons and patches. we won’t be mad if you send us those.     Just sayin’ . . . .IMG_7477