Lou Reed’s Dead and There’s Good Times To Be Had

Lou Reed’s Dead and There’s Good Times To Be Had

OuterNational Give You Something To Listen To, While You Wait

I’ve purposely not eulogized St. Lou for lots of reasons. First off, I didn’t think anything I had to say about Mr. Reed lou reedwould necessarily stand out in the mad chorus of post mortem praise. Secondly, as much of a fan as I was, I held the artist in a great deal of contempt for what I perceived was sheer laziness. But now’s not the time for such sentiments.

Outernational, my current favorite band of young righteous malcontents were good enough to pay tribute to the dark grand daddy of all things alternative, by recording a great version of “I’m Waiting For the Man.” Different enough to put their current NYC sensibilities all over it, and be true to the spirit of the song, this is a cover worth hearing, and downloading.

So now you’ll have something to listen to while you wait, if you must. Listen to Outernational here: