What, Really? I Can Name My Own Price For Something This Good?

What, Really?

What, Really? EP

Independent Release, 2013

From Bologna, Italy, comes this great band, accurately self-described as a power pop with a few surprises up their sleeve. Tempering their What, Really CVRnervy dance floor ready songs with bits of shoe gaze, these songs are catchy and the perfect length for an ADD world.

“Ophelia (Among the Flowers)” has hints of 80’s new wave colored with early 90’s indie-pop and it is irresistible.

“Ninja Expert” has a jaggedly angular guitar riff, as sharp as the creases in Bruno Mar’s slacks.

“Clouds” lays down a stubborn and unhesitating beat. The vocals say the song is supposed to be melancholy, but the rest of the band never got the memo.

Everything about this band is instantly likable, and hard to refuse. Resistance is pointless, so give in and shake your groove thing.

This is fun stuff.  And you get to name your own price. I don’t know what the Euro is changing for, but this is a bargain, whatever you pay them. There are four songs here and it’s enough to leave you wanting more of the same, in different flavors. You know these guys, Ale, Manga, Robbé, and Paz are hiding it in back, and when you ask them about it, the look on their faces, collectively will say, “What, Really?”