Jim White Vs. The Packway Handle Band are Aching to Be Heard

Jim White Vs. The Packway Handle Band

The Sawyer Sessions EP

Yep Roc, 2014

Listening to Jim White feels like being in on a well kept secret. And it seems almost criminal. Sure, “Wordmule” got bandied out jimwhitevsphb_noisetrade_coverduring the final season of Breaking Bad and critics love the man so full of contrary notions along with his Gothic southern tales of faith and it’s many fluctuations.

On this release White is teamed up with fellow Athens, G-A, residents The Packway Handle Band, and it appears to be a good pairing

“Not a Song” is a light hearted bit of fun with upbeat vocals. As is the manic “Corn Prone Refugee.” It seems some of TPHB good natured levity has rubbed off on Mssr. White.

Before anyone assumes the most brooding man in music has turned to sunshine and puppy dogs, he serves up “Smack Dab in a Tornado,” a dark comedy of a song, about wanting to leave a small town, and then doing so unexpectedly.

“Jim 3:16” is a song properly recorded and released after having floated around online in muddy, sub-par versions for years. White notes in his sly and observant way that, “a bar is just a church where they serve beer.”

Jim White in a dour mood is darker and creepier than any hail Satan band could ever hope to be. Here, he seems to be in good spirits. Satisfied with himself and his work.