TexasElectricChair Dirty-Nasty-Sleazy-Stoner-Metal Done Right


Independent Release, 2013

Alright, everybody is pissing and moaning about the damn weather right now and while I sit in the relatively balmy and snowless 42 degree Florida winter (I’m still in shorts, because I’m dumb and  my nuts are indeed cold),  I have this observation on long winters.

texaselectricchairTexasElectricChair, a Russian band, thinking warm thoughts when they picked their name, used their time indoors from the snow wisely, by writing some great fucking songs that are better than whatever you were thinking or doing.  This eponymous release is available for free, and worth  the contents of your wallet, your checking account and whatever change you may find in your sofa cushions and still more.

Imagine having heard the Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality 2 or 3 years ago, just once, and then deciding you wanted to recreate what you heard as best you could based on that blessed memory. This comes pretty close and this EP is brilliant.

Full of changes, great big slabs of distorted stoner fuzz,  perfect for fueling your next long night of bong hits and Tarantino movies.  All five songs on here are great.  “Shortcut to Hell,” is my favorite and feels  like I’ve been listening to it for years and brand new at the same damn time.

Somebody give TexasElectricChair a Mini Cooper, some visas and an expense account so they can come tour the South and remind everybody how it’s supposed to be done.