SHEER TERROR Commit to Kaos


Kaos For Kristin

Dead City Records, 2013

This is a limited edition 7” Vinyl Picture Disc & Digital Download which NYC hardcore legends Sheer Terror have put out in order to help 7 Picture Disc [GD17PD]support a friend during a troubled time.

Vocalist and founding member Paul Bearer longtime friend,  Mark Magee lost his beautiful wife Kristin to cancer. The “Kaos For Kristin” EP features SHEER TERROR performing three SHAM 69 songs done in pure SHEER TERROR style. Paul sings and shouts his way through these three classic cover songs while the band’s raw intensity transforms them into “SHEER 69” songs. This release also features guest vocals from John Deptford of Combat 84. The proceeds of this release go to help alleviate the medical expenses of the Magee family.

So what about the music?

Sham 69 were a first generation UK skinhead punk act whose influence is profound. Sheer Terror have opted to start off with, “Poor Cow,” an unexpected number, that’s slower and seems a little odd for Sheer Terror to tackle. They do a good job with it, and even add horns. It’s an interesting blowback. If you didn’t know it was a Sham 69 number,  you might think it was Slade. Fun, and a garage rollicking good time.

But with the other two tracks, “That’s Life,” and “What Have We Got,” we get to hear Sheer Terror flex their muscles and dig into the material. You can hear a hear determined and visceral attack as the band  churns through these numbers, taking ownership of them.

They burn like short fuses on sticks of TNT, not meant to be handled for too long. This is a great opportunity to help Sheer Terror help their friends during some difficult stretch and get some great music at the same time.

This is what I love about punk and hardcore. Great music and a sense of community coming together in a time of need.