Black Doctor Jr. Provides Affordable Health Care Rock

Black Doctor Jr.

A Switch Behind the Poster?(Let’s Push it!)

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This is a post punk sort of song by the curiously named Black Doctor Jr.  I have to wonder if they are related somehow to Doc McStuffins either directly or distantly, like 3rd cousins or something. At any rate, the song doesn’t make me feel good or bad about black drjrgetting hurt while they may be on duty in the ER.

The song, that’s why we’re here, right? The song, “A Switch Behind the Poster​?​(​Let’s Push it​!​)” has lines about life, misaligned floor tiles, but doesn’t mention which DIY TV show will help you fix that. The vocals are high and trembly, so somebody sounds sincere about whatever else is bothering them. There are some lines about being “Churchyard Children.”

And here I thought religion was in decline with Millenials.

At any rate, this single is available for free, and totally worth all the free-ness that comes with it. There seems to be some more good news; Black Doctor Jr. is covered by whatever version of Obamacare you manage to sign up for.