Phantom Maggot The Best Band You Never Heard Of

Phantom Maggot


Independent release, 2013

There two ways you could look at this release of floor flavored bubblegum punk. First, “Oh Gawd! Not another pop-punk band that phntom maggotworships at the altar of Dee Dee Ramone! Unngggghh.”

Or you could say what I said when I actually heard the damn thing, “Thank God! Another fuckin’ Ramones Wanna–be band that’s Actually Fuckin’ worth Listening to!!!!!!!!” and yes, I speak and think in grammatically incorrect, poorly punctuated English.

So there.

From St Charles, Illinois, comes this band with a back story I don’t care about because they gave me and you this great album for free and you suck if you don’t listen to it.

They learned everything they needed to know about songwriting and performing from the first 4 Ramones albums and  not from some other half ass bands that did half assed jobs of copying same Ramones.

“McMurder,” Teenage Girls Dream,” and “Dingus,” are all great songs. And so’s every song on here. So what are you waiting for? Every minute you listen to something else is one more minute of your life you’re wasting.