Sam Davison: Bass & Tambourine Confessional Poetry for Everyman

Sam Davison

Always Around

Independent Release, 2013

I’m gonna be a little more honest than usual. Because this is a little more stranger-er than what usually lands on my desk.

This is either hyper self-aware performance art; or someone has decided Mr. Sam Davison no longer poses an immediate risk to himself Sam Davidsonor others, and has been allowed to go home so long as he keeps the ankle monitoring device on.

Sam records memorable, one of a kind compositions for bass guitar and tambourine. “Move Back” is the song that most resembles a song. Likewise “Diddler” resembles a B-52’s or Sparks number, and I almost kind of liked it, the way you might almost, kind of like your kids’ cookies when their learning how to bake.

This is a really good release to download and leave on repeat while you’re gone all weekend to piss off the neighbors you can’t stand for _____ (insert your own reason here.)

As far as Bass & Tambourine indie pop with confessional poetry accompaniment goes, it doesn’t get any better than this.