Jaimoe Proves to be a True Renaissance Man

Jaimoe’s Jassz Band

Renaissance Man

By M.A. Rivera

This is the studio debut solo release by one of the founding members of The Allman Brothers Band. Drummer Jaimoe Johanson has put together a band of exceptional players including living blues legend Junior Mack, Bruce Katz and Reggie Pittman and as the name of the band implies, leans heavily on jazz compositions.

It’s hard to focus on highlights on this disc full of standout tracks. “Rainy Night inGeorgia,” positively simmers, Macks voice laconic and endearing baritone.  While “Dilemma,” Drifting and Turning,” and “Hippology” are all exquisite, and swing wildy.

Jaimoe is smart enough to use the resources available to him and with a band full of excellent songwriters, taps them for material.

“Leaving Trunk” is a blues number more in keeping with Jaimoe’s other bands songbook. This is more than a simple vanity side project.  It’s a great artist continuing to challenge himself, and prove there’s more than a few new tricks left in him.



photo of Jaimoe © 2009 Carl Vernlund