DarkHorse Saloon: Greetings From Dark Horse Saloon

DarkHorse Saloon

Greetings From Dark Horse Saloon

Jacksonville,Florida’s Dark Horse Saloon rock it like it’s 1974 and thank God they do.  With a strong debut CD, DHS sound and play as though punk, New Wave,  or even disco ever happened.  This is retro done so magnificently, it’s positively fresh and new.

With a guitar that sounds as if it was tuned by Wayne Kramer, most of the songs are a shade faster than sludgey and just slower than mid-tempo. There are great huge slabs of distorted guitars running through tube amps with a rhythm driven by endless waves of cymbal wash. This kids, is raw unfiltered, glorious noise that’ll make you long for black velvet paintings, travel vans and wall to wall shag carpet.

This CD sounds like the first 4 Black Sabbath albums’s, the best of Ram Jam and Grand Funk  on shuffle play. This band sounds as though they learned to play their instruments from the dusty stacks of 8 tracks someone’s dad used to unsuccessfully cover up their stacks of Playboy magazine 1971-75, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Everything was more honest then, both the music and the magazines.

Stand out tracks include:“Stained Glass,” “My Wave,” and “Anytime.”

Everything about Dark Horse Saloon is energized and primed for overdrive.