The Charm/The Fury A Shade of my Former Self

The Charm/The Fury

A Shade of my Former Self

Pavement Entertainment, 2013
Reviewed by William Telltale
I am not a fan of the guttural growling vocals. I really can’t say much about other than I don’t like it. However, this band from the The charmNetherlands have a few things going for them that made me overlook the growling. One, they are tight speed/thrash/progressive metal with talent. That kept me listening. Two, they have alot of anthem type chorus hooks with vocal harmony. And, what?? The singer is a female? She does the growling better than alot of the dime a dozen bands that just growl with nothing else to offer. This band has PLENTY to offer. Plus, singer Caroline Westendorp doesn’t growl the whole time. She has a good singing voice as well.
She showcases both sides of her vocal ability in ‘Deliverance.’ A song that is technical thrash, with a haunting keyboard background, complimented by an amazing guitar solo section that ends the song. Every song on the album has a different sound to it, yet fits into the style of the band. That’s a good thing because it shows talent with diversity. I am convinced that if this band wanted to put out a jazz album, they could, and it would be damn good. The guitarist(s) are extremely talented, and the rhythm section is just as powerful as something you’d find on an Apache helicopter. I give this album 4 of 5 stars. Anytime the music can keep me interested enough to forget about the growling, you have a good band. And, one of the members is a very good pianist/keyboard player. There are a couple slow breaks on the album, like ‘The Unveiling’ which is a piano interlude with violin over the top of it. It is the lead in to the song ‘Virtue of The charm promoLeadership’ which they made a video for. It has a little bit of everything you’d want in a metal song
They are billed as ‘Holland’s Best Kept Secret.’ Not anymore, because they are going to busy for a while. A European tour is scheduled, with a US tour being scheduled. The album comes out Sept 17 in the US. Get it, and see them on tour sometime next year.